Regis Philbin’s Farewell – a Surprise Gift of a Concrete Hand Cast

As part of the Regis Philbin Farewell Celebration, Robert Wogan was hired to cast Regis' hands in cement. The signed and handprinted slab will eventually be installed … [Read more...]

50 World Famous Chefs Get Their Hands Cast in Cement at the French Culinary Institute 30th Anniversary

The French Culinary Institute (FCI) in NYC was having a party to celebrate their 30th anniversary. 50 world famous chefs were flying in to attend the event. They hired me to make concrete hand casts of all the chefs. The plan was to elegantly mount the finished slabs on the wall of the FCI for all to see. Not only was it fun for all of the chefs that attended the event but it was also a great … [Read more...]